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  1. TariqSoftDev

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    Sep 18, 2013
    I bought my N3DS a couple of months ago and noticed the SD card is placed under the cover which is pretty anoyying and I thought what if I could put a small SD card reader in the N3DS and create a port to connect it to my computer, so instead of having to unscrew my back cover and get the SD card out everytime I wanna transfer a CIA file or other files, I can just flick a switch to unmount my SD card and plug it into my PC, now I know some of you may think whats the point of this if I can just get my SD card out and plug it into an adapter well everytime you unscrew your back cover I've noticed the little tiny screws are a pain to not lose and you can overtime wear down your SD card port on the 3DS, also I mentioned a switch this is so the SD card doesnt get fried from both the SD card readers current and 3DS current , the switch will just unmount the SD card from the 3DS.
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    It's a good idea, but not practical. We have FTP apps designed to send files via wifi from and to the 3ds from the computer. Not only that. The risk of someone damaging there reader runs high. Not everyone is up to speed with soldering. Lastly, I've never had those 2 black screwes actually leave my back plate. They just stick inside there designated holes.
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    where the potential goes to zero
    Just cut a hole about the size of a quarter in the plastic back plate. Use one of those funky round drill bits or if you're not particular about looks, just wiggle around the biggest regular bit you have. No big deal if it takes a couple tries, you can get back plates on eBay for < $10.

    If you're worried stuff will get in there, just get one of those clear, easy to remove/put on, flex cases and put the bottom half on. You can put a decal on the flex case to cover where the hole is so it is not obvious to the casual observer/thief that there is an easily accessible uSD card in there.

    ftp brony doesn't seem to work on my n3ds emunand 10.3. Never really bothered to look into the problem. Even though I have all the N update servers blocked at the router, I prefer to keep my n3ds offline. It's way too easy to forget and leave that wifi on and take it someplace.....
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