I'd like to talk about microSD card bundles and shoptemp


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Jun 19, 2010
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Okay, so I got a Supercard DSTWO and a SanDisk 16gb MicroSDHC card for about $81 from shoptemp.

This would have been fine, if not for one thing.

I could have had a better card of the same size, two bucks cheaper in a bundle.

Now, why didn't I bundle the better card? (kingston)

It appeared that shoptemp was not recognizing that I selected a card to bundle at all.

I'm not mad, I stil lgot an AMAZING deal on both the DSTWO and SDHC card, but there's something i'd like to mention.

Here's the thing.

If you buy a flashcard and get bundling options, you can choose 2, 4, 8 and 26gb kingston cards with a small discount for bundling. HOWEVER, the order (and price) is not updated until you select a flashing service or none.

Of course, I, being a little new to the site, didn't want a service (I've worked with many hacks/cards before) and didn't even look at that option. The price stayed the same, as if nothing had been selected and I thought that the page was broken.

So, I just bought a SanDisk card separately.

Now I find out SanDisk is inferior to Kingston, which sucks a little.

I'm not angry, so to speak, my flashcart will still come, and will work fine with the card I bought, but I missed out on a deal because of an option I didn't see.

All I'm asking, if any mods here can talk to shoptemp's heads, if you select an SD card to bundle with a flashcart, have it default to no flashing and update the price immediately, so people won't think they can't bundle like I did. Alternatively (since some money can be made from the flashing service, and people completely new to the scene might not know how to set up their card), have SOMETHING, like perhaps a small text balloon pop up that says what the flashing service is after a SD card is selected and tells them to select it if necessary.

I understand if this kind of thing is too hard to implement, but I'm just requesting this so future customers can take advantage of the bundling ST offers.

Thank you for your time, any and all readers of this topic.


Oct 24, 2002
yeah; I've heard this happening to other customers.
It IS a little confusing that the price doesn't change when you select a microSD, but thats because the new price is calculated only when all options are selected.
I hope they'll be able to do something about it, but after all they use existing shopping cart software, its not custom made...

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