iControlPad- anyone used it?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by granville, Sep 11, 2011.

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    EDIT AGAIN- Looks like the team has updated the device with a new clamping mechanism to allow the accessory to be used with almost any size of phone. So i'll reopen this in case anyone wants to comment, ignore the line below this message.

    Unfortunately it has come to my attention that the icontrolpad's clamps do not allow my phone to fit inside. It's too large. So it looks like i'm screwed there. I'll close this.

    I've got an Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. There are tons of emulators for it, making a quite a cool portable game system (one that i also have the benefit of owning, so i don't need to buy another). Only problem are the controls. So i pose a question- Does anyone here own and use the iControlPad. IE, this-

    Basically has the controls of a PS1 (without L2/R2). I think it took parts from the Pandora. If anyone owns one, how do you like it? Besides the price, does it work well? And how's the battery and such (i gather it uses a rechargeable one)? Any info would be appreciated. From what i've seen, i like what i see. Looks like a very cool device for playing SNES, Genesis, GBA, PS1, N64, etc. Playing on a touch screen is rather obnoxious. From what i've read, works fine on android so i don't see any issues there. It's under consideration from me. Would really help transform an android into a very competent gaming device if it works well.

    Any opinions are welcome. Thanks. [​IMG]

    Guess i'll also mention some of the apps i'd use with this in case people want to add any comments in their regard-
    - nesoid
    - gensoid
    - snesoid (only use this for the Kirby SS and 3 games, they don't work with snes9x ex)
    - snes9x ex
    - gameboid
    - n64oid (not all games work, but several great ones do)
    - fpse (ps1 emulator)

    I dunno if it's compatible with any retail games like ones by gameloft.
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    Holy crap, something like this exists? Must have. This sounds way better than using a Wii Classic Controller or a PS3 controller.

    Can you link to where I may purchase one? http://icontrolpad.com/

    Holy crap again, $70?? O__O I'll wait for the price to come down. A lot.
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