i need some help


Jun 8, 2021
United Kingdom
I have been trying to play a rom of Pokemon Red, but every time I try and load it, it tells me (unknown opcode) I don't know what this means?
also in the future if I want to rom hack my own copy of my rom to add things in end game such as Pokemon and battles, is this possible and would this change the checksum? like CRC/SHA, etc
and if I did change it in the future, how would I play the rom once I've hacked it, as I keep getting no luck in loading the rom, (checksums showing up as wrong) please helppp!!

also if I;m playing a rom that is Japanese language, can I add English text to a rom for end game stuff? while keeping the rest of the rom in Japanese? thankyou !

One last thing, I have a japanese rom of red/green/blue and yellow, but i wanted to add my english name for my character (latin letters) is there a way i can rom hack so i can have my name in english while playing the rest of the game in japanese? thankyou!
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