I need help with usb loader gx

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    I have a new wii remoe with wii motion plus inside so when i try to get ios for the usb loader gx the remoe shuts off! and it wont turn on or do anything. also when i do NO ios it takes me back to the homebrew channel when i try to start up to play PLEASSE HELP
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    What do you mean by "when i try to get ios"?
    How are you installing the IOS? using an installer (which one, which version?) or using a Wad manager (again, which one and which version?).

    You posted in the WiiU section, so I assume you want to softmod your vWii, not the real Wii console?
    All vWii softmod guide should work fine with Wiimote+, so I wonder if you are correctly following the proper guide. Please, do not follow Wii guides to hack your WiiU.