I need an opinion.

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    Okay, so, I'm making this really huge (We're talking wide screen wall paper quality here) Halloween picture just for fun, and I'm going to present it to every one at my Halloween party, but I just dunno about the back ground I made for it.

    This is what I wanted. I wanted something that looked like a demolished village, or a town, like something terrible happened there.
    The sky is blood red along with the moon, and there's black clouds, and there's dead trees in front of all the devastation.

    In the foreground, there's a lone figure, and possibly the cause of it all.

    Here's what I made to match the idea of what I wanted. However.. It doesn't exactly fit what I have in my head.
    Also, I don't take any credit for the brushes used for the moon and clouds, or trees, or any of the other special effects.
    They're custom made and from people so much better than me at backgrounds. (It was made in photoshop)
    The only thing I tried to do was make the rubble.


    The picture was re-sized so it would fit on my photobucket account. Originally, it was 2161X1390 px in size.

    I had to make it that big so the character would fit in it.

    So, okay, help or opinion is welcome. Very much.