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    Dec 30, 2013
    Back with kitty Zelda forever :D
    I'll translate
    Saligos (dirty child)
    Chirac (idk)
    poiseux (sticky)
    Bourron-Marlotte (idk)
    Argent (silver or money)
    Camembert (idk)
    Mémer (granny)
    Mouais (meh)
    La Jalousie-D'Hodent (inside jealousy)
    Sallespisse (dirty pee)
    La Baffe (The swipe)
    Bourré (stuffed)
    Fourqueux (fourre means fuck, queue is a way to call a dick)
    Bidon (can, like a trash can)
    Le Fion (idk)
    La Trique (cudgel)
    Condom (I think you figured out)
    Bezon (idk)
    Arnac La Poste (fraud the post)
    Deux Verges (two yard)
    Montcuq (my ass)

    Others on page 2, well, i think you can all get them by saying them with your own voice. :)
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