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    So, I'll start off by admitting, I HAVEN'T looked around. So if this information is somewhere around here, go ahead and flame me.

    I'm new to the GBA homebrew scene. I want to a flashcart for GBA, but I don't know what to get... so..

    1) What is general regarded as the best or the most popular GBA homebrew device?

    2) How much will it cost me approximately?

    3) Where can I get more information on the product?

    thx lul, and sorry if this isn't the right board. I'm not the brightest person [​IMG]
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    1- Ez-Flash IV is the best cart out there. Supercard miniSD ones have high chances of being clones, since they are not produced anymore.

    2- it depends on your location, or if you want a faster shipping, but with a regular free airmail (plus 1~2 dollar tracking) it will cost aproximately 25~30 dollars.

    3- here, or at the official sites.


    and don't worry, this is the right board.