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    I decided to randomly buy one this week. I’ve got a 3DS which I bought last year but I've found it to be cramp inducing particularly when playing a Dpad heavy gaem. And as it turns out I seem to play a decent number of gaems which tend to rely on the Dpad, this means I've found my gaeming experiences to be more irritating and painful than they should be due to the less than stellar positioning and general shitness of the 3DS Dpad.

    As I’m earning now, I decided to remedy this by buying a 3DS XL. I heard about the tales of the XL being more comfortable to hold, the Dpad is competent and I quite liked the prospect of having another handheld with big screens after my experience with my Vita. I ended buying the white 3DS XL Mario Kart 7 bundle from Amazon for £170 brand new AKA the cheapest deal I could find.

    I really like the system, it fits nicely in my hands wheter I use the Dpad or Circle pad which is great. I appreciate the stylus positioning actually makes sense than the 3DS. The bigger screens are pretty sweet as well. It just makes gaems more immerse to play whilst it doesn't reach the standard of my OLED Vita, it still does a very nice job and I’m really looking forward to playing gaems on it.

    Moving to the cons, I fucking hate the system transfer process. It’s bullshit. When I set my Vita up, all I had to do was input my account details and I was good to go to re download my gaems again. With 3DS, I had to waste an hour of my life for my shit to transfer. Ninty really need to get their online infrastructure sorted.

    The fact it doesn't come with a charger is really shitty as well (I know, 2012 what their news back). It wasn’t a problem for me as I actually already have two 3DS chargers but if you didn’t already have a DSi/3DS than it’s shitty added cost for something that is absolutely necessary in order to use the system. If you’re paying nearly £200 for a handheld system, than a charger should be fucking included.

    Overall I really like the system and the criticisms I have are really related to Nintendo’s general idiocy than anything wrong with the system itself. The bigger screens and good Dpad should make playing on it a much more enjoyable experience than what I had previously.
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    Welcome to the XL club :yay:. I did the same back in June, and I pretty much agree with everything you said. I did, however, buy my better half a pink XL from Very for £160 and they sent a separately packaged charger along with it. I'm not sure if it was just a happy accident or they had a lot of complaints/returns from people not realizing or not. But, yeah, at this point I think Ninty could probably afford to repackage XLs with chargers.
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