[HOWTO] Get around the "Install OK" Message in WUP

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    What it is, and what it isn't.

    First off this is not addressing the "Install OK" bug itself.

    This guide will outline a working alternative to the "Install OK" bugged version of WUP Installer.

    This is for people who are having the often mentioned WUP Installer alternatives freeze on them without success; All the while, the "Install OK" message won't leave 'em alone.

    If you haven't done so already try the WUP Installer from exploit.wiiubrew.net

    If that option won't work for you due to freezing or no-error halts on the Wii U, this guide may help.


    Although I don't think it is dangerous at all:
    I will not be held liable for you damaging your hardware, software, hacks, pets, or hairline!
    By following this guide you are agreeing that your hair problems will stay outta mine!

    Tested on:


    Stuff used:

    WJ44.ML OSDriver (because it was the only one that would not freeze)
    GBATemp's HomebrewU Definitive Package v20160208 < Taken from The Definitive Guide to Wii U Hacking sticky thread


    1. Replace the OSDriver with WJ44.ML's version http://i.imgur.com/TDWqxi6.png
    2. Delete Game Update Data within Data Management
    3. Reset Browser Save Data
    4. Load up the Definitive Package (I ran it on my phone cause why not?)
    5. Browse to said package's webpage
    6. Shut off the console normally (short-press the power button)
    7. Power on the console
    8. Open Internet Browser, it should auto-load the package's webpage
    9. Run the Kernel Exploit in Normal Mode
    10. At the Pause Menu make sure to go the Wii U Menu
      ^ This seems to be what fixes it. Instead of going back into Internet Browser from the Pause Menu
    11. Open Internet Browser
      Run WUP Installer
      Wii U Menu
    12. Do step 11 again
    13. Wait a couple hours with it sitting on the Wii U Menu dashboard.
      There is no prompt or progress bar, just wait.
    14. After about 2 hours reboot the console and check data management.
      If your game's Update Data has question marks (???), then delete Update Data and try again.
      If your game's Update Data has the correct label. Congratulations! /confetti
    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks! I'm one 5.3.2 spoofed to 5.5.1 and have only been able to get small installs working with wupinstaller.com/wi (16MB for captain toad tracker for example). This helped me a bunch. I don't know what crediar did to his site but the new wupinstaller is very unreliable for large installs. The one at exploit.wiiubrew.net worked for me on the first try. I was also ready to try http://wiiutools.com/WUP/index.html . (Putting the link here for future reference and in case it helps anyone)
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