How would I keep my DLC safe when accessing the eShop?

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    I'm sure it's well known by now that when the eShop history is deleted, and then when it is launched, it will remove anything that was obtained from the eShop whether it was free or bought legitimately. I can circumvent this easily with freeShop, which somehow also installs titles without them being deleted by the Nintendo eShop. But I don't know how to protect the DLC I bought with the eShop.

    I'm not sure if tickets are the culprit. If both eShop and freeShop install titles along with their tickets, shouldn't freeshop installed content be deleted as well, when opening eShop?
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    The problem is you have bought or downloaded free DLC in the past. A solution might be to do a system format and then stay out of the in-game DLC menu in future. If you wanted to try this, back up both your NAND and SD card in case it doesn't help, so you can go back to how things were.
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