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    Apr 2, 2015
    Edit: managed to do it using this https://gbatemp.net/threads/nsps-nca-failed-to-convert-with-hactool.510372/#post-8126351

    I want to mod the music for Super Meat Boy, a game that I could only find as an NSP.
    I managed to extract the NCAs from it, and there's one that takes up pretty much all the space which I assume has all the data.
    Trying to extract this NCA or view its info, I get errors with hactool/nxtools saying that partition 0 and 1 are not readable/are corrupted, and from what I can gather I need a key to decrypt the contents of those partitions.
    Where can I get this key? It seems like it's something specific to the game. Is it something you have to decrypt from the Switch itself, like it used to be with 3DS games?
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