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Dec 9, 2007
I have a problem regarding extracting an update NSP:
- Yuzu accepts my keys and extracts the game properly using the Dump RomFS function, but it completely ignores the installed update and just gives me the base game RomFS. This is supposedly as intented, unfortunately.
- NSP extractors (tried multiple) all won't accept my keys and fail to extract at all (not even the base game only). I get the error "Key () must be 32 hex digits!" and end up with a completely empty folder. Tried to substitute my keys with recent 2021 keys from the internet as well as those from the newest version of XCI Explorer, same problem.

So, how would I get this update extracted? I'm trying to mod Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel Saikyo Battle Royale English version with Japanese voicefiles, and I need the fully updated files for this.

EDIT: I may have jumped to conclusions early? I just discovered that a soundfile (and that it's only 1 makes sense) did get a bit bigger. A much smaller difference than I expected, but then again, the new voicelines in the update are just a fraction of what the files already contain. The combination of me missing that and finding posts that Yuzu supposedly doesn't extract the updated files put me on the wrong track. I actually found this because I did some tinkering on NCA-NSP-XCI_TO_LayeredFS_v1.6 (replaced the included hactool with a newer one), and while some functions still wouldn't work properly, the update function of it did work, I noticed the tiny difference, and with that file in mind I saw the Yuzu extraction had this tiny difference as well compared to the extraction of the base game. I can't say for sure I got it as I can't confirm it yet, but I think this problem is solved, albeit not the way I expected.
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