How to use Switch Pro Controller with Android Tablet

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    Apr 27, 2018
    I just tested an interesting setup and it looks like it works!
    I just grabbed my 8bitdo controller and hooked it to my Samsung Tablet via an adapter and paired the Switch Pro Controller onto it! Guess what? It connects and is lag free! Now that can come in handy with emulators!

    1. OTG Capable Tablet/Phone: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (for example)
    2. Switch Pro Controller:
    3. OTG USB Adapter for your Tablet/Phone:
    4. 8bitdo Adapter:

    1. Hook the 8bitdo Adapter to your Tablet/Phone OTG Adapter
    2. Hook the OTG Adapter to your Tablet/Phone
    3. Press the little button at the back of the 8bitdo Adapter to enter Sync mode
    4. Press the Sync button on the Pro Controller and press L+R
    5. Pro Controller get connected
    6. Profit

    NB: The Controller will be given Xbox Controller layout I think

    S8 OTG Adapter. Switch Pro Controller 2. 8bitdo. My Setup.
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