How to replace sprites on Harvest Moon ROM?

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    Hi there!

    I'm really set on making the bachelors in either Harvest Moon DS Cute or More Friends of Mineral Town (whichever is easier to hack, DS Cute is prefered though) into Touhou Project characters
    I just want to change their sprites and their names. Can someone tell me how to? I've been researching it all day, but I've had no luck.
    I'm kind of a n00b at hacking, so I'm not all that good with those binary codes and such... ^__^;; But if you gave me specific step-by-step instructions I could understand.

    UNLZ.GBA makes the images show up as black boxes when I load MFoMT, so that won't work...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. tuxedocat

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Bump? Please someone, I need some help here.
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    Someone managed to be able to play the DS harvest moon titles?

    Still Harvest Moon DS Cute USA edition.
    I took a look at it.
    Many sprites seem to be in uncompressed 4bpp form in the ARM9 (a bit unusual- text is nothing special to find in the ARM9 but a nearly full spritesheet is halfway notable). Fortunately there are no overlays and I do not expect anything to be in the ARM7.
    Animal.bin had nothing that was uncompressed at least.
    A few in boy.bin
    A few in character.bin
    desktop_.ini . Just a date (not sure if it is an artefact of development)
    A few others seem to be in enemy.bin
    A few more in girl.bin

    In the console directory touchanimal.bin has a lot of stuff although mainly a font and some background imagery (in background.bin) by the looks of things. cons_obj has a few things as well you might to edit.
    Some of icon.bin you might want to edit as you might television.bin but without having played the game I am not sure (if you are doing a spoof hack rather than a total conversion it makes sense to leave it).

    sconmap.bin in sconmap has some graphical text but it might not be necessary to edit.

    This is not getting much done and I have not yet found any palettes which are going to be necessary to find for a sprite injection else you end up with things like

    edit: pressed send a bit too soon. I will edit when I get some more info.

    You then get to replace these sprites as appropriate as well as editing the palettes used else your new characters will be odd looking. Image search was not helpful in drumming up sprites so be prepared for some editing.

    Moving to 8bpp stuff map.bin has something in several of the files I already mentioned including some sprites (especially character.bin)

    Anyhow moving back the palettes for a second the obvious place to look is the start of the file and indeed a quick scan produces a few interesting results.

    Editing television.bin the file starts as follows (with a bit of tweaking)
    00000000 | 0000 0015 | ....
    00000004 | 0000 0058 | ...X
    00000008 | 0000 03E4 | ....
    0000000C | 0000 0774 | ...t
    00000010 | 0000 0B00 | ....
    00000014 | 0000 0E8C | ....
    00000018 | 0000 1218 | ....
    0000001C | 0000 15A4 | ....
    00000020 | 0000 1930 | ...0
    00000024 | 0000 1CBC | ....
    00000028 | 0000 2048 | .. H
    0000002C | 0000 23D4 | ..#.
    00000030 | 0000 2760 | ..'`
    00000034 | 0000 2AEC | ..*.
    00000038 | 0000 31A4 | ..1.
    0000003C | 0000 3534 | ..54
    00000040 | 0000 38C0 | ..8.
    00000044 | 0000 3E68 | ..>h
    00000048 | 0000 445C | ..D\
    0000004C | 0000 47EC | ..G.
    00000050 | 0000 4B78 | ..Kx
    00000054 | 0000 5014 | ..P.
    The file itself is 5014 hex long although which could mean it contains 21 other images.
    0058 is where the next part appears to start.
    03E4 could be the start of something else.
    0774 could also be the start of something.
    0B00 could also be the start of something else.
    In this case each of these has a 0000 before some interesting data.

    0015 is the troubling thing as it is right in the middle of the pointers. (edit several days later- 15hex = 21 decimal and there appear to be 21 entries/files.)

    Going back to palettes I could not get much useful stuff from the file (although it did look nice) so I should probably jump to an emulator and see if I can not make sense of it using that.
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    I thought Harvest Moon DS was underrated. At least it had a great upgrade system, the other nds harvest moons have been pathetic in their tool upgrade system, barely even feels like an rpg.