1. iqsmart

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    Jul 28, 2020

    i am a new member and seeking for help

    How to play custom levels for Super Mario Maker 2 Switch using Checkpoint

    there is a tutorial but i didn't get it very well ,,i will attach the photo of tutorial if someone here can simplifies it for me or make a video tutorial for it

    this is the tutorial i got but i dont know how to apply it as its not clear for me ,,,can some one simplifies it for me

    1. Copy the switch folder from the Custom Levels folder to the root of your microSD card with file replacement.
    2. Go to the game, select the “Play!” Mode, select “Level level”, click on the first cell> “Create a new level”, make any changes to your level, click on the icon of the robot head from the top right> “Save”.
    3. Save this way to all the top save locations: 00, 01, 02, 03, in sequence, you can choose any name.
    4. Saving your own saves of the game and your castle with Checkpoint – open the Checkpoint homeblock, select SMM2, press A, press L, again A, OK. After playing the packs of levels, you can restore your castle and play on.
    5. Restore the saving of a pack of levels from 60 pcs: start the Checkpoint homeblock, select SMM2, press A, select the name of one of the pack of levels you want to play, press R, then A.
    6. Start the game, click “Play!”> “Levelboot”, open the tab “Other people’s levels”, select the new level that appears, click “Play” and enjoy!
    7. To play the next level pack, repeat the process from the step of restoring saves to Checkpoint.
  2. TunaKetchup

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    Mar 20, 2018
    I've never used Checkpoint for MM2 levels

    MM-LINX however works well in my testing.
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