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    Here we go, a Tutorial.
    Most of this is from Converting Guide.txt in the MPS to PMF Converter Zip.
    First, Find a AVI of a Video you want to make into a pmf. I used www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAhvQoLpvsM
    which is a PSX Boot.
    Next Download AviSynth at HERE
    Then Download VirtualDubMOD at HERE
    Just in case nobody has clicked on them yet, they are both on SourceForge.
    Make sure if your video is a DivX Encoded video, you have DivX Codec, NOT K-Lite Codec Pack as The PSX Boot vid I encoded it into a DivX, and VirtualDubMod can't read it without the OFFICIAL DivX Codec.
    Now google Sony Umd Stream Composer. I can't tell you where to download it.
    Then click HERE to go to a PSPMOD page and click Download on the MPS to PMF converters.

    This is the part, straight from Converting Guide.txt
    Install AviSynth 1st. Now extract VirtualDubMod to a folder.
    Find the file you want to convert. Once found, open up notepad.
    Type the following lines in the text document.


    Replace YOURVIDEOFILEHERE.EXTENSION with the name of the file you want to convert including its extension. For example, I want to make a Gameboot,




    Now save your text document in the same folder as your movie file. Make sure you save it as an .AVS file and not a .TXT file. This is done by changing "Save as type" to "All Files" and adding the extension the the filename you are going to save it as, eg, NARUTO.AVS.

    Now locate the folder you extracted virtualdubmod to. open VirtualDubMod.exe

    Go to File>Open File. Find your .AVS file. Open that. you should now see your video file in the window.

    Now go to Streams>Stream List.

    Click Save WAV. After it is saved click disable. Now go to OK.

    Now go to File>Save As. name your avi file and click save.

    Almost there now. :) Last step!

    Find your WAV file you saved. Open it with sound recorder. Go to File>Save As.

    Where it says Format at the bottom of the save window, click on Change.

    Format should be: PCM
    Atrributes: 44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo 172kb/sec.

    Click ok. Now save your WAV as a new name.

    Sony UMD Tools
    1: Open up the UMD Stream composer.exe
    2: Go to new
    3: Name it what you want. Click next
    4: Tick the PSP Movie format (for game) bit.
    5: Change the max clip size to 2mb or less
    6: Hit finish
    7: Go to video source
    8: Find your video file made earlier with Virtual Dub Mod
    9: Go to audio source
    10: Find the WAV you made earlier.
    11: Now go to run at the top
    12: Choose encode + multiplex
    13: Hit start
    14: Well done the .mps has been made

    Step 4, .mps to .pmf Converter
    1: Go to My Documents (well yours)
    2: Go to the UMD Stream composer folder
    3: The .mps file is in here somewhere (I forget where exactly!)
    4: Put it in the same directory as the Icon1 or Gameboot converter
    5: Run the converter (Click Gameboot Converter or Icon Converter)
    6: And your gameboot pmf's or icon1 pmf's should be created.

    This only works with Windows, as far as I know.

    EDIT: Pack with everything EXCEPT Sony UMD Tools Included is available HERE
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