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    Sep 3, 2013
    United States
    It used to be the case that when you started up a game on your Playstation3 a little logo would pop up for a few seconds. But then Sony well because you know how Sony is they like taking stuff away they took it out unfortunately. But the good news is if your on CFW you can have it back just follow my guide to find out how.

    1. Google this "Custom game boot collection by exofreak".

    2. Now go ahead and download the .rar file

    3.Now you should get several different folders go ahead and copy all of them to your USB Device

    4.Plug your USB Device in to your PS3

    5.Open up Multiman

    6.In multiman go mmos

    7.Now select your USB Device

    8.Select the folder of the custom game boot you wish to apply

    9. Open it and inside there should be a file just double click it

    10.Now the custom game boot will install automatically

    Enjoy your custom game boot ;)
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