How to get FreeBSD Running on your PS3

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    Its been a while since i've done any tutorials and i'm running out of ideas so this may very well be my last tutorial that i write~
    Note- This tutorial Assumes you already have Petitboot installed on your PS3~

    1.Download this iso file {}

    2.Once thats downloaded open up IMGBURN or any disc burning software and burn it to disk

    3.Once that's burned to disk insert it into your PS3

    4.Reboot into otheros

    5.When Petitboot starts up select Freebsd and it will boot

    6.Thats it now your running FreeBSD on your PS3

    Also a couple notes 1. This guide is a work in progress when more info becomes avaliable to me i will add it here 2.More work needs to be done with FreeBSD on PS3 sadly there isnt that many devs working on it :(
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    Oct 20, 2014
    Thanks, can you clarify which FreeBSD version is this? Also are you able to install xorg on it and run window manager like fluxbox , gnome or kde.