How to create cheat codes ?!

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    Oct 4, 2013
    I want to know how to create cheat codes,so that I can use them.
    There are certain games which haven't got any cheats (such as Just Dance series and certain other titles).
    It's just that I do the right moves,but the detection/tracking is not that effective...they even go on giving me "X" (wrong).

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    lol. you need a USB gecko to make codes. Good luck finding one.
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    For my money there are three phases of learning to make cheats and this applies to all platforms.

    1) Basic memory manipulations.
    2) Fighting against obfuscated and other troubles thrown at cheat makers.
    3) Full on game logic changing stuff. This rapidly heads into more general hacking circles as well.

    You have just asked to jump right in at 3) and I am guessing you are not a programmer either.

    1) and 2) basically rely on the same concepts.
    You need access to the memory, which is where all the data is stored, and to figure out what does what. Most do this by dumping the memory, making a single change and changing as little else as you can, dumping the memory again and comparing (this may need to be repeated many times).
    This technique should work on all systems, however game developers can try to frustrate cheat makers and certain programming methods can also lead to things that frustrate cheat makers.

    For memory access on the Wii you have two main options
    1) Real hardware and a USB gecko (somewhat hard to find but as they are now open source they are a bit easier to get your hands on than they were a few years ago ). Rough overview in this video.
    2) An emulator. You need not run games at full speed either, if you can get to the point in the game and at least half play it you are probably good. I have not played with dolphin and do not know what it has in the way of cheat support, being a PC program that should not matter as you can attach another cheat making tool to it.

    I am not sure if there is a reasonable software only method for real hardware these days.

    On 3). It can use the old techniques but you will probably also want to know a bit of low level programming. I am not sure if your problem with the game is caused by latency or caused by the detection not being as lenient as it could be. Assuming it is not latency it will probably work in much the same manner as enemies do not hit you.
    If you are lucky and the game works like guitar hero type games (I have never played a Just Dance so I do not know) it will instead cancel you out of a song if you screw up too many times (or too many times in a row). If you can find this number then it should be a simple cheat like described in 1) to fix, if not then you are going to have to find the routines that govern move detection and tell them to carry on even if you have failed.
    Seen as the Wii is a disc based system it will have to copy the binary to memory to run (unlike say the GBA and the 16 bit and older consoles where things are visible in memory) so you can implement your hack as a cheat, alternatively you could patch the binary as a more conventional hack. Both are entirely acceptable and if you share it with others then you might as well do both.