How to copy xbox game?

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    I know it sounds kind of stupid, but how to copy the image on hdd along with dvd file?
    I try to use Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 and imgburn but I don't get LayerBreak file when I rip an image.

    Also, is there any way to convert jtag game back into ISO and DVD file?
    I got some jtag version games and want to backup them.
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    .dvd file
    ABGX360 will spit out a layerbreak file (the .dvd file) and indeed if you are so inclined the layer break is always the same-> the only thing different in .dvd files is the name of the iso it deals with. It could probably be said that .dvd is an ultra simplified version of the cue format you see when burning discs.

    extracted iso to regular iso
    JTAG is in extracted iso or JTAG as in GOD format. Simple answer- not really.

    Longer answer there is GOD2ISO but the process of extracting the iso loses data (and it is vital the security system like random padding, indeed even to have it work on non JTAG systems for many parts of it let alone be "live safe"). It will be troubled by the same things if not more and I am not sure how to set about it but you could do the same for extracted isos in theory as well.

    Simple one line answer- you can do some things but chances are you will gain nothing for your trouble. If you lack the original iso or the inclination to reclaim it then you might as well just back up the files like you would any other files.