How to avoid vWii Brick?

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    I have a hacked vWii (homebrew with a forwarder channel to fix the aspect ratio), and on that I have Nintendont with a few GCN games and the Multimod Manager Tool which was used to install a forwarder channel (I was advised to remove this off my SD Card, but it doesn't seem like it's doing any harm).

    Now, I've been reading that a lot of people have bricked their vWii's throughout, sometimes it seems like it occurs randomly, and I'm trying to figure out how to avoid that.
    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could post some things that I and others should look out for when it comes to the vWii and hacking it. Maybe things we shouldn't install, or things that we need to have installed.
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    Just dont use priiloader or wads that dont specifically state vWii and you'll be fine. Also, backup your vwii nand
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    also following old video tutorial is not recommended.
    - video can't be updated, and are often done by people who don't understand everything
    - old video can be for Wii, not vWii !

    Also, don't use any System tool homebrew, most were released before the WiiU, and therefore don't have console type check, and it would use Wii version of files. (dop-mii, for example!)
    just stay away from system tools, or ask first.

    another thing you could do is read the stickied thread "what to do and not to do on vWii".
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