How much can HENKaku do?

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    With Henkaku, how much control would someone have over the system? Is it full control over every aspect of the system (like PS3 CFW), or could it only do something a normal game on the system could do?
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    While good information, this is a bit outdated. HENkaku DOES enable piracy/backup loading now, and in fact it is pretty trivial. Furthermore, taiHENkaku has given even further control of the system's internals, which isn't mentioned here (because taiHENkaku wasn't released at that time.) However, if you look at the more recent posts on that same blog you will get a bit more additional information.

    I don't know the hardware well enough to give a detailed answer. But the short answer is, it's pretty darn close to full control. The only thing that's really missing is a lv0 (boot) exploit, which could theoretically allow HENkaku to install itself on boot instead of manually using a web exploit. For most purposes, it seems like HENkaku gives full control.
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    I forgot
    As mentioned, basically the only thing Henkaku lacks at the moment is access to lv0 which would give us things like loading Henkaku on boot.

    taiHen offers some distinct upgrades from Henkaku, in that it allows plugins to run at a system level (meaning things like RinCheat or oclockVita can run with official software, not just backups), can be ported to any firmware (as long as an exploit is available), plus it's a bit more stable. It left beta a few months back and is now the latest stable revision for Henkaku.
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    Owning lv0 has nothing to do with boot. I don't know who propagated that misinformation. Hacking lv0 will be of no practical consequence to end users. It's mostly just a challenge for those who care. You can make a boot exploit without even needing another kernel exploit: just hack sceshell (like homemenuhax). The best way is to hack the boot loader though (which is still lv2).
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    Does hacking lv0 really let us coldboot HENkaku?

    I assumed that it would only let us decrypt stuff, not that it would allow us to forge our own signatures. So you could do stuff like run 3.63 emunands, run newer games, run 1:1 backups etc.
    On the other hand, if you found a userland exploit in some piece of software that loaded automatically on boot (think Menuhax) then you could coldboot HENkaku without lv0 hax.

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    ladies and gentlemen this is how a god(not a misspell) post looks like.
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    I love Henkaku exploit screen. Makes me feels like I'm hacking and stuff. Besides, Email exploit is actually cool to me in my eyes. I'm okay with this.

    (It already is working at offline. What more we could ask for?)

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