How does this scam work?

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    Sep 30, 2014
    I found a video on YouTube today promising to give you Hyrule Warriors for free. The reason I believe it to be a scam is "if it's too good to be true it probably is". According to the video if you sign up to some website, download a free mobile app and play it for about 30 seconds you'll get an email with a download code for the game. There's also a fuckload of other games featured in the video.


    EDIT: I am 99% sure this is a scam. If you are unwise enough to follow the instructions in the video and get screwed over it is your own fault and I will not be held responsible.
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    I mean the scam works by people downloading the app lol. If you give them your email, they'll probably just sell it onto people and get you added to some great phishing mailing lists. You won't get a download code, I know that for sure.

    Edit: Having watched the video, they probably also get some sort of revenue for getting people to download the games. Just save yourself the hassle and save up for the game lol.
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    YOu just downloaded an app which would malicious. So, probably, your phone is hacked as well.
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    30 seconds running the app, that's about enough time to install a ton of malware on older devices
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    I can't see the video right now but you can create a throaway e-mail and use Bluestacks or something alike (inside a VM if you're paranoid) not to taint your phone and see the scam process.
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    It's the classic "promise you something in return for doing something that makes them money but you never actually receive anything for it" scam.
    Normally you see these on fake emulator sites/videos, where you're asked to fill out a survey to receive the download, but the only thing that happens is you're sent to yet more surveys, and if/when you finally do receive the download, it's all garbage data, and often passworded with a password you don't have.
    They've just taken it a step further by making you install something that could potentially contain malware.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    i didnt even bothered watching the video and you should remove it, because, other people here might try it and you making it youtube seing it as trendy and recomending it to more people

    first: you won't get an email with the code. even if you do everrything right you wont. the max you can get is a link to a survey which you have to pay to view a corrupted file lol

    second: "install an app" < i guess you pretty much understand how the scam works?
    the app can do theese:
    steal your data (spyware)
    install other crap into the phone (apps you dont want but they get money from them)
    replace your home screen with randsomware which you will have a screen saying the fbi locked your phone and you will have to pay to get your data back
    advertisement, turn your phone into a billboard that every 1 second or keystroke your phone shows you and opens all kind of crap
    in a pc, i dont think its common in a phone, it could start to mine for criptocurrency
    watch your camera while you wash your feet

    third: they want the email to fill it with crap of course, to sell it to third parties and whatnot
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    Try it will bluestacks and a fake email. The key generator kinda reveals it's a scam lol