How does r4 or other ds flash cards work exactly?

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    Especially the in card menu.
    Why cannot sky3ds do the same (if it has its own cpu enough to run those menu since 3ds processor is hard to access)?
    I believe it pretends to be a legit copy of some game.
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    R4 cards exploit a security vulnerability that allows the DS to load their menu instead of a game. From the menu, the user can load either games or homebrew from a list of multiple items.

    You're correct in saying that SKY3DS behaves like a retail cart. Because of this, the SKY3DS must work within the limitations of actual 3DS games. As such, it can only act as one game at any given time. Pressing the button on the flash cart causes it to write your saves to the SD card and then load up the next ROM in the list, while the 3DS detects it as if the cart had been ejected and then a new one was inserted. The SKY3DS cannot load code of its own, it can only do what retail games do and nothing more. Since retail games aren't programmed to load up a menu and explore ROMs on an SD card, neither can the SKY3DS.

    The reason why the SKY3DS can't work like the R4 is because of its entire architecture rather than due to any CPU limitations.
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    This is all true, but if you REALLY wanted homebrew using the Sky3DS you could use a cubic ninja rom and ninjhax (but we have so many other free *hax now so there's no reason to)
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