how do you update your custom firmware

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    does anyone know how
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    3.80 and up support network updates, you will need to upgrade your CFW to atleast 3.8/3.9 then you can do a network upgrade to 4.01 m33-2
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    1. Click this link and download the 4.01 M33 firmware.

    2. Make a folder on your Memory Stick called "UPDATE", without the quotes in the X:/PSP/GAME directory, where X is the drive of your Memory Stick.

    3. After it's done copying, put it in your PSP and run the update. NOTE: An internet connection is required.

    That's how you do it. After the update is done, you can delete the UPDATE folder off your Mem Stick. If you need any help, ask me.
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    can 4.01 m33 play games rebelx? Thanks for the guide.
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    never mind this is a great version thanks for the info [​IMG]