How do you guys play StreetPass Quests?

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    So people, are there any techniques for playing the StreetPass games?

    Puzzle Swap: are there any secrets? Do you only get purple pieces via StreetPass? Any rewards for completing all puzzles?

    SP Quest: how exactly do you play this game the best way? I forgot to bust this ghost that seems to be invincible to attacks. How do you bust shields? Any techniques? I didn't know that you can make a player go to the back of the line until I finished the quest the first time! I've also come across occassions where I had a lv. 5 Mii get boosted by an orange/pink warrior (can't remember exactly) and went up to lv. 7. Is there a guide regarding warrior colors and ghost weaknesses?

    I'd really appreciate this. I've heard of an accomplishment for SP quest for completing the quest with 90 or less warriors. This makes me feel a disappointment as I have around 600 people in my plaza right now.

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    google helps a lot with the quest.
    ps. the boss is .... hard to kill
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    You break a shield with a hero of the same color.

    Magic list :
    Red - Fire (Fire Damage)
    Orange - Morale Boost (Following heroes get an extra sword attack)
    Yellow - Sandndstorm (Lowers accuracy – also makes your sword attacks useless)
    Lime Green - Sleep (Puts ghosts to sleep – grants extra attacks)
    Green - Level Boost (grants the next hero an additional “temporary” level)
    Blue - Water (Water damage – Doesn’t affect blue ghosts)
    Light Blue - Freezes ghosts – grants extra attacks)
    Pink - Courage Boost
    Purple - Poison (Does 1 poison damage per turn – possibly stays on enemy between “outings”)
    Brown - Summons Wandering Hero (summons a random hero – only useful if you want a chance at a different color or a chance at finding a higher lvl)
    White - White Magic (Brings light into the area)
    Black - Black Magic (Cover’s area in darkness)

    An easy way is to have a Pink Mii around, as it ensures you WILL deal at least one hit, and that will be a Critical hit.
    Another way when you don't have Find Mii 2 available is to have a Purple hero and use him first. Having Green or Light blue heroes helps you get more hits in.
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