How do I translate GBA ROMs?

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    I want to translate Fire Emblem The Binding Blade from English into another language. I don't know if there are any tools to do this. Can anyone explain me how to?
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    Same as any other system really. Find some documentation on the hardware, figure out how this game encodes its text, figure out how to do any changes you need to do to put it in the language you want (characters with accents, whole other alphabets...) and make it happen.
    I cover GBA hacking in

    In this case apparently there are tools made already for it (fire emblem is a fairly well hacked/investigated series), though you will want to use them in conjunction with a translation, though I am not sure which

    The site itself has a fair bit of info on fire emblem hacking.
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    I think the hard part is getting your desired text into the game's font. There was a 3DS game I wanted to translate just to play personally and I had found all of the dialogue text (was just stored in text documents in a folder) but I had no idea how to put in 1 byte English characters. 1 byte English characters wouldn't show up, so if you put in characters not in the game's font odds are they won't render without being added in.
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    Changing an encoding at that level can be hard, other formats like the DS NTFR one can do it easily enough though.
    Likewise if you can find and render the Japanese characters in your tile viewer you can overwrite them with whatever you like. That way you just need to note this new customer encoding and use a text editor/insertion tool (custom encodings have been common since at least the NES and probably before so they are well supported in ROM hacking circles) which can handle it.

    Going further depending upon the Japanese encoding you have in the game it might have some English characters in there ( line starting 825f and line starting A3C0), technically to be actual ShiftJIS and EUC-jp both should support lower value Roman characters but games tend to omit this. If you need a tool to handle writing Roman characters in that type of encoding then JWPCE and njstar (the two big Japanese text editors for non Japanese speakers) both have options for this. You may ultimately have to convert, or seriously trim your script, if you face memory issues but as a first pass it is worth trying.
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