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    Mar 24, 2019
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    I don't know how, actually. USBLoader GX is fairly new to me.

    A friend gave it to me. He didn't supply a "file checking" file like md5.

    All right, I'll figure out how to do the dd thing later. I'll just attach another snapshot (I'm using lfhex, by the way):
    Screenshot 2019-03-30 15:35:59.png
    Sorry about the red rectangle. Kazam has been giving me problems lately...

    Saved it anyway. You never know when those things might come in handy. :-)
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    Oct 27, 2002
    I didn't know there were a special wad installer for that game. maybe that's specifically used to bypass max wad size check?
    based on the meta.xml I can tell it's an old homebrew, it doesn't rely on IOS58+AHB, (not even "no_ios_reload" tag in it), so it probably requires IOS236 or a cIOS in slot249 base 36/38 to works.

    Thanks, that's what I wanted. I'll check it later when I'll have some time. I have no idea what I'm really expecting, it's just to see if it's following the WAD file's specs, or if it's a special wad format and actually requires the "RB wad installer" from 2 post above.
    your screenshot only covers part of the header (only the certificate). what I'm looking for is the tmd content, which is on the next screen.
    if you want to dump the header, I guess I need the first 60188 bytes (0xEB1C) (60Kb), the encrypted data starts right after that.

    WAD header struct:
    header size : 0x0020
    WAD Type : 'Is\0\0' (good, common type)
    Certificate chain size : 0x00000A00 (2560)
    Reserved : 0
    Ticket size : 0x000002A4 (676)
    TMD size : 0x00004858 (18520)
    Data (APP) size : be0x166516E0 (375723744) only? not 4GB here, but only 358MB of data in that WAD? I probably made a mistake with little/big endianness. big endian is not 4GB...
    Footer size : 0
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