How do games handle input and how does it differ between them?

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    A couple months ago over here I was asking about the idea of patching games to be a possible solution for using something like a wired xbox controller on a wii since the game handles input and not necessarily the os. The idea of using a patcher of sort on a pc searching the iso you give it for the part that handles input and altering it to have the support for said controller kind of like how wiimmfi does it(though that is limited by what games there servers know what to do with while this might be limited to games that have gc or classic controller support depending on the nature of it). But the way they made it sound in the thread is that it is to different and would need to be tailored individually for each game. This leads into my question. how different is the way games handle input for gc and classic controllers from game to game?
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    You could possibly write a DIP plugin for d2x that does this but I have no idea how to go about doing that and I'm honestly not sure if there is anyone still around that does. I would think it would require some kind of custom background process to read USB HID messages and emulate the Wii SDK's input library to send the game the appropriate key presses.