Higher Capacity Battery for DS Lite?

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    Are there any legit higher capacity batteries for DS Lite. Or any other ways to increase the life. Even if it entails modifying the DS.

    I've got an m3 now so my battery life isn't what it used to be and I know most of the batteries online are fakes or such. But there must be some sort of legit way to lengthen on time?

    Any information would be awesome, thanks.
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    There are some third party ones with higher capacity but as you said it is a risky game to be playing.

    Easier way is to get a few batteries and solder them in parallel, such a method is usually used to stop the current being drawn from being too high for the battery but it does double up and make for high capacity batteries. I did just that for my old DS although it did make it a bit unwieldy (I would consider putting the batteries along the back rather than the big stack approach I used.
    Other methods.
    The DS uses a fairly odd voltage level as I recall so unless you are up for mixing your own chemicals (which is not bad at car battery level but trying it on something small like the DS is not so nice) you will have to use an inverter (which on a few volts is not an idea I would consider) or overvoltage and a zener diode/resistor or transformer (which being the reverse of an inverter....) or getting a chip to do the task. None of these I would consider for a power situation, signals only there.

    Method 2. Instead of parallel batteries you could consider adding capacitors to the original battery, capacitors are still not at a decent power density compared to batteries but some of the tantalum and electrochemical capacitors are not bad. Parallel capacitors increase capacitance if you want to add many.