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    Mar 9, 2007
    Gambia, The

    I am from Germany and a fan of all Nintendo consoles. I own GBC, SNes + GB Adapter, N64, NGC + GBA Player and finaly a Wii.
    The SNes is region free patched, the NGC is a XenoGC/Crystal Mod and the Wii is Wiikey chipped. SNes and Gamecube i solder by myself. But i dont have the right tool to open the Wii... so i give it to my favorite Consoledealer. I think i will dremel me a fitting screwdriver by myself in future.

    My next project is to solder an eBayed Gamecube (15€) with a ViperGC extreme for learning more about homebrewd on NGC and Wii. At my XenoGC chipped XenoGC are some incompatibilities with booting some homebrewed DVDs. (GCoS 1.x - I have patched it, but it won't run...)

    I hope, that i can use my knowledge here in the forum and hoper to find some mates here.

    In future i am looking forward to buy a NDS... this console is cool...

    Some greetz from Germany

    P.S.: I own some non Nintendo consoles too... ( PSX, PSOne, PS2 & Philips CDi)
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    Welcome Nubion!!! Enjoy your stay at the lovely Hotel GBATemp. As you can see, we've done some recent remodeling and we still have stray rabbit-spider-monkeys and their rivals, the rabbid-pasta-bunnies running around out of their cages. So if you see any, please be gentle when you use a glass to catch them...you dont wanna know what'll happen if you catch them too quick...

    By the way, it looks like you have some experience in modding/chipping. Ever have any failures?
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    Nov 19, 2006
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    Hey I'm new too.