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    I'm a little late to the game, but I have just got into running games from the HDD. In the past I have always run games off of the disc channel, but I have been looking into wiiflow and it seems really awesome. I've tried USB loaders in the past, but not wiiflow, so I'm new to it. I figured the basics's been a while since i've been keeping up with the softmod community here.

    Basically I updated everything with ModMii, 4.1u system menu, installed dx2 v8, (249[56], and 250[57] from modmii) Dios Mios 2.6, latest Priiloader and Bootmii, dumped my nand and key. Have Wiiflow 4.0.6 installed. Have my HDD setup to play Wii and Gamecube games. I have got both to show up in wiiflow and get them to play.

    I'm also new to NAND emulation. I found a guide and followed the instructions. I injected 2 wads to the nand: Mega Man 9 and Beatles Rockband DLC.

    So here is my first question of many. Can I play and save DLC from HDD in wiiflow? I've been playing around for the past couple of hours trying to figure this out on my own. I've been using Beatles rockband as a test. This is what I found out.

    First If I run Beatles in full nand emulation I cannot access the DLC store. I get an Error 205625. So I went back to default. Not sure what the settings do, but I figured it would read the NAND from the HDD instead of the Wii, since that is where I injected the DLC wad.

    If I have the SD card installed I can Download songs from the store, and save to SD. I've also tried without the SD card installed. I can still download and save...but apparently I'm saving to the WII NAND. Which brings in this question. Can I save the DLC to the HDD or does it have to be either on the WII nand or SD Card? I figured it would save to the NAND I saved on the HDD through the emulation, but it doesn't seem that is the case.

    Also I noticed that after playing a couple of the DLC songs from the SD, I cannot load them any longer. I get a message saying the WII memory is full. I'm guessing the songs are being copied from SD to WII NAND and not being erased...just accumulating and taking up memory. Is it possible to have the songs transferred to the NAND on my HDD?

    My Wii memory is almost has a bunch of game saves, but not too many channels. Should I erase everything on my wii to make more room? Can I transfer my game saves to the HDD to be read by wiiflow? I saw a setting to transfer game saves but I didn't try it yet.

    Another strange thing I found was if I start wiiflow with the SD card in, the channels list in wiiflow will only allow me to select the NAND in settings. This is reading my WII NAND and NOT my HDD NAND. I know this because I have mega man 9 loaded in the extracted NAND on my HDD, and it will not show up. However if I start wiiflow without SD card in, it has USB1 selected in the settings, and it is reading my HDD NAND because mega man 9 DOES show up. In both instances I cannot change the is either NAND only or USB1 only.. If I take the SD card out at any time, wiiflow freezes.

    I noticed that on my SD card it has a folder named Private/wii/data/r9je. This did not show up until I downloaded some songs. Im guessing this is where the DLC is stored because the wad had the same name: r9je. Can it be saved and read from the HDD?

    I hope this didn't confuse anyone. I would appreciate any input on any of this so I can get a better understanding of this, and NAND emulation.

    One other thing...while playing mega man 9 I noticed I had some saved games. I can only assume it was reading them from the WII NAND. Even though I'm playing games through my HDD NAND through wiiflow, will it still save the games on my WII NAND? I would like to not use the WII NAND at all if possible. I thought the point of NAND emulation is to get around the space limit of the WII NAND.
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    Im having the Same issue I use Loader GX and the Problem is everything for the Loader gx runs off the sd so when you go into rock band games it saves everything to the wii memory and not the SD Noone has answered me I asked about the same question on here