Help with playing games from the SD card

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by arialacejoe, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. arialacejoe

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    Mar 14, 2009
    I have wad manager (1.4) and Wii system menu 4.0. I've installed something that lets me use the wad manager still despite 4.0, and all the WiiWare plays fine! But I'm out of memory for my Wii. So I did the natural thing, and I saved the installed WiiWare to my BLANK SD card (I'm pretty sure the SD card isn't the problem) but then I try to boot them up, and it says "Failed to launch".

    The WiiWare that I used:

    Dr. Mario RX
    Tetris Party
    Family Games Glide Hockey
    Family Games Ping Pong (Table Tennis?)

    They also would not move back to the Wii!

    Does anyone know a solution?
  2. imapterodactyl

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    Jan 20, 2009
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    Yes. You didn't patch your IOS60, so the only things you can play from SD are legitimately purchased titles. Patch IOS60, and you're all set. Search for how.... just about every 4.0 upgrade tutorial includes it.