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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Trident Boy, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Mar 15, 2008
    Yesterday I finally received my Acekard 2 (And with a big surprise *__* Black PCB \o\)

    And as I've already prepared my MicroSD, I just put it in my Acekard and started playing...all fine, but today I had some problems .-.

    I was configuring some cheats and when I tried to play "Pokemon Bloody Diamond" (the hack) it said "Not enough space"..strange, but okay

    Then I tried to play "Pokemon Diamond" and it won't I restarted the DS and when I tried to boot Acekard 2 said "No system files found"

    So I inserted my MicroSd into my computer and there were no system files (WooW, big surprise)...and I just want to know what's the probable cause to that sudden deletion of all system files .-.


    Other problem I had was with The World Ends With You...after some time in the intro (when he's running from the toads) it just froze .-. How can I fix it??


    And not a problem, but a question:

    What firmware should I use??

    Newer official (4.10) or Newer akaio (1.2)??

    Because I heard from someone that the newer official is already as good as akaio 1.2

    Thanks for the help =D
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    Jan 3, 2008
    From Where???
    akaio has options the official doesn't. the official has an updated loader that akaio doesn't. but you can take the akmenu4.nds and put it in _aio/ak2loader folder. that way you get the akaio gui and more updated game loader. now, some games won't run with softreset or cheats enabled. this is because those patches load in ram before the game. but if the game requires the full ram they will cause the game to fail. i really don't think that explains how you lost your firmware, and i have no idea what happened. format the kit to fat32, put on akaio 1.2 and the updated loader and then put your roms back on. highlight a rom and hit "Y" and then goto patches. you can turn off/on things on a per rom basis that way and then leave the patches on defult for the rest of the roms.

    -another world