Help with Moonshell and skins (Firecard

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    Dec 3, 2008
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    I got this card a day ago in the mail. It plays games great, and so far homebrew works fine on it, but moonshell doesn't.

    Moonshell plays music when I run it, but everytime I boot it up, it gives me a "Error was detected while reading disk or file..." message. I don't have time to read and write down all of it because it flashes by too fast. But it gives me that message every time I do it. I've looked at every firecard moonshell topic I could find on this forum. I've tried DLDI patching moonshell, I've tried moving moonshell into my DSYSTEM folder, I've tried using moonshell with dpi tools 1.71, but no matter what I do, I still get the same error message. I've read every tutorial I could find and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

    Could somebody please give me a step-by-step instructional in plain newbie english? I run Windows Vista 32 bit, I use a 16 Gigabit DS Firecard, and Nintendo DS Lite.

    Also, is DS Fire a kind of N-Card?

    And one more thing... is there a way to get this kind or this kind of skin to work on my DS Fire card?

    While I'm at it, could anybody recommend a specific brand of GB/GBC/GBA emulation card that also functions on a DS and supports full DS-to-GBA linking? I wanna trade Pokemon between emulated Blue version and Emulated Red version. :3

    Thank you.
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    @ "Error was detected while reading disk or file..."

    That will appear ALWAYS (on every card) [​IMG]
    The reason for this is, if something during booting fails this screen will stay, else if will just flash on for some seconds....

    @ Skins: Just rename the .bmp's like you want them to have and put them into DSYSTEM folder
    desktop.bmp - the picture wich will be shown on the touch screen.
    c_file.bmp - the picture wich will be shown on the upper screen.
    and there is a global.ini in the DSYSTEM folder, if you want to change the fontcolor
    R=31 ; How many red ?
    G=31 ; How many green ?
    B=31 ; How many blue ?

    btw: A topic with some skins:
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    Dec 3, 2008
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    Really? I had no idea. I guess I can rest easy with Moonshell. And now I've got an answer to all those ridiculously expensive iPod Nanos the other highschoolers carry! Nobody will expect me to pull out an NDS that can play "Lolli Lolli". :3

    One more question: How do I swap out new skins for Moonshell?