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    Jan 16, 2016
    United States
    I have followed atleast a few tutorials, used probably way too many tools, and spent about 13 days trying to figure this out. I’ve decided to ask for help because I really would love for this to happen. The game I am trying to get is Marvel vs Capcom 2. I have both the demo, and a standalone pkg file, I have an edat for the purchase code, I have both psid and idps, it has no c00 folder (though I heard taking the param.sfo into the folder will fix that), and have tried quite a few methods of getting all of these to match up just right so the game becomes unlocked. Those methods mainly include ps3xport and pexploit lite.

    I’m just about to give up, so what I really want to know is if someone else here could actually do this for themselves, and then just tell me how they did it. I am still using OFW 4.76, and I was really trying to avoid using CFW. From what I can tell, this is definitely possible without CFW.

    Alternatively, if someone just wants to gameshare it with me, let me know what game you want, and I’ll buy it just so I can gameshare with you for it.

    (I will be following the same rules as the subreddit r/gameshare because security is very important, but I don’t have any comment karma, so I can’t post there. So if you would like to game share, please set up your security questions to recover your account in an emergency, delete your billing information so I can’t buy things on your account with your card, and please have a picture (just use imgur) of your download history proving you do in fact own Marvel vs Capcom 2. My psn account is Lucar17, use this link to check me out http://psnprofiles.com/Lucar17 , and see that I am legit.)
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