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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Recently rebought a 3DS and wanted to get my old R4 3DS card working with it. The version I have just says R4i 3DS on it, with the link on the card but without the RTS logo on it. The card works fine when in a DSi or a DSL. However, it will not boot on a 3DS. I attempted to update the firmware in a DSL but the firmware updates all fail. I noticed my cards PCB layout does NOT look like the one on the red PCB towards the bottom of the page, but more like the blue PCB on the top of the page, but on a red board. Is there a revision issue that is stopping me from flashing an update?

    The PCB below looks just like mine, except that mine is red, if that is any help.

    The image below is the card I have

    After hunting around to figure out revisions online, it looks like mine is a revision 6.
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