Help Spiderman 2!!! Plz

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    Oct 18, 2018
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    Help me. Help me! I've been searching for this game since I purchased my Wii u from gamestop 4 weeks ago. I've gotten a 1 tb USB drive, a y cable and trained my brain to make my Wii u the best that it can be. Yay! I went to that one site using that one program and downloaded spiderman 2. The download was successful. The install was successful as well, but when it comes to actually running the game the Wii u crashes. This is the only game that I have that problem with. Fast forward to yesterday, when I finally was able to find the spiderman 2 disk in stock on the other side of town. No worries. I put it on hold through the GameStop app and I drove there as soon as I got off of work yesterday. I bought 3 games in total. Spiderman 2 was the MOST expensive one.
    I get home and fire up the wii u with spiderman 2 inside and I get the dreaded invalid disk button. Never ever seen it before.?!#*
    Get this though, the other 2 games (tekken and ninja gaiden) work perfectly so I pull out the tech wipes and microfiber cloth and start cleaning the disk. It was then when I noticed the scratch. It's only a bluish mark with a visible scratch right in the center of it. I guess that's all it takes huh? What can I do to play this game guys? That was the only one in my area. I've scoured letgo, Craigslist and that other app and can't find another copy anywhere! Please help me out. Puhleeeeze
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    Hello ,

    If your two games work and not Spiderman 2, you have a disk problem.

    A disc (dvd) must be clean, no grooves or scratches, which prevents playback of the disc (DVD).

    So I think it comes from your disk (DVD)
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    Oct 12, 2017
    Is there a chance the error could be being caused by the disk being from a different region? My understanding is if you put in a disk from out of your region it says invalid disk, if you click on the disk icon after this, it brings up a message stating something about the wrong region. From the sounds of it your setup would allow you to bypass that if it is the case. There is Homebrew for allowing out of region games.
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    I suspect the disc is the issue, I had the retail copy of Tank! Tank! Tank!, when I tried to rip way back in the day, it would randomly crash during the ripping process on the WiiU.
    The disc was almost brand new with no marks, but when I did a closer inspection, there was a hairline crack in the disc, you would not notice it until you look at it very carefully, this was the cause of my issue. Not saying this maybe your issue but something to note about.
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    I was thinking Spiderman 2 Gamecube lol.
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    same only amazing spider man 2 is for wiiu lol.

    wiiu is region locked unless you run cfw, i got pal amazing spider man 2 disc and pal wiiu and they work fine.