Help. SD card corrupted, with A9hl+luma

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Banded_slowbro, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Banded_slowbro

    Banded_slowbro Member

    Jan 11, 2016
    My Sd Card corrupted when I plugged it out, now my pc want it to format. When I put it in my 3ds appears a message that says "SD card asnt been detected".
    what can I do?
    (sorry for my english)
    when I turn on my 3ds im on 11.2 (Followed plailect's guide)
    And I have a backup of my NAND.bin
  2. einhuman197

    einhuman197 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Aug 17, 2015
    Inside your bootloader (´◉◞౪◟◉)
    Buy a new SD card and copy the Luma files from Aurora's GitHub on the SD. You have to download your games again. And your saves are probably lost. Always do backups kids.
    P.S: Try to restore everything readable on your SD with clonezilla.
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