HELP!! Pokemon ORAS Not Randomizing!!!

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  1. Dark the Eagle

    Dark the Eagle Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    United States

    So I tried to randomize my Alpha Sapphire, but for some reason after compiling the .CIA file and installing it, I load the game and get to the starters, and they are the normal Gen 3 starters. I have no idea what went wrong between compiling the .CIA and installing/loading the game, but I'm not getting a different result no matter what I try. I would love it if someone could help.

    CIA Used
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Lewd Edition (because I'm a perv. Sue me.) [Taken from that ISO site]

    Tools Used
    HackingToolkit3DS(HTK) for the extraction/rebuilding
    Decrypt9 for .3DS to .CIA conversion
    FBI for .CIA installation
    pk3DS for randomization

    Steps Taken
    1. Use HTK to extract the data from the .CIA file
    2. Rename ExtractedRomFS and ExtractedExeFS to romfs and exe to be read by pk3DS
    3. Open pk3DS (It already has the correct path selected)
    4. Randomize Wild Encounters and save the changes using the Save Current Encounters button
    5. Randomize Trainer battles to my specifications
    6. Randomize Starters (I use Luma3DS so no crashes)
    7. Close the pk3DS (it autosaves before closing)
    8. Reopen pk3DS to check if the changes are still applied (They are)
    9. Rename the romfs and exe folders back to ExtractedRomFS and ExtractedExeFS to be read by HTK
    10. a)Use HTK to rebuild the .CIA file with the modified RomFS
    10. b)Use HTK to build a .3DS file with the modified RomFS
    11. Place the newly built .CIA/.3DS onto my SD card
    11.5. Use Decrypt9 to convert the .3DS into .CIA if applicable
    12. Use FBI to install the .CIA onto my 3DS (I'll have deleted the old install through Data Management on the console)
    13. Load the game
    14. Get to Prof. Birch
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  2. nbaptistes71

    nbaptistes71 Member

    Oct 7, 2015
    Do you have an Alpha Sapphire update installed on your console? If yes you should uninstall it, since the updates patches some cro and files when you launch game, some modifications done to the original game don't load
  3. Dark the Eagle

    Dark the Eagle Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    United States
    I tried it and it worked! It was such a simple solution, but I had no idea that could be the problem! Thank you so much~!
  4. Revan_XVII

    Revan_XVII Member

    Mar 10, 2018
    United States
    Alright so my friend just modded my DS for me. He tried to literally every method and then some to randomize my Alpha Sapphire for me. The randomizer tool loads up fine, even saves the randomizers, but when I load up the game every single thing is still vanilla. No randomization to be found. So my question is: How do we get the randomizer to run?
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