Help Plz Chrono Trigger!

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  1. Aendrude

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    Hello Every1 [​IMG]
    I now Play The Game: Chrono Trigger
    But i cant get further :\
    Well that tata boy just gave me some kind of hero Badge
    And I Just pull Out A Sword(forgot the name) In some sort of cave
    Well I dont Know what to do now :\ I've Been in a tavern and a old guy
    Told me about a Frog Man (I Think The One Joined my team earlier)
    But where can I Find him ? Or What must I do ?

    Alrdy Thx
    Aendrude [​IMG]
  2. Arale

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    Jun 15, 2007
    i thought going in the forest near the town then find the entrance to frog's house or cave =/ and show the piece of masamune and hero badge.or else you need to go back to medina village find melchior.he tells you to find a stone to craft the masamune as new which can be found in the prehistorice era.