Help please new to psp hacks

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    Mar 2, 2010

    i just decide to hack my psp a little while ago and i was following stickys softmod tutorail but when i copy the update to my psp folder i run the psp and i cant see the update anywhere to update the psp. help please . Also i think i put it on the memory stick i have 8 gb is it ok or does it go straight on to psp without mermory stick?? if so my computer cant read it.

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    No one is going to help you if you do not list SPECIFIC details.
    What model is your PSP.
    PSP 1000 can be fully hacked, 2000 Some may be hacked. (3000) must be hacked every time.
    Pandora Batteries are usable on 1000/2000(some).
    You need a Magic Memory Stick.

    Lastly, whether or not you can update your PSP also depends on the current System Firmware on your PSP. If you are on Sony Official Firmware 6.20 your hopeless. Otherwise, I recommend simply following the stickies here or at