Help Please, i would be extremly greatfull.

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    Feb 20, 2011
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    Hey im new to the site, and id really appreciate some help on ps2. First things first. Heres a link to the instructions im following :

    I have everything on the list

    Agent Under Fire 007 for ps2.
    Swap tool
    Apache v 1.1
    Dvd Decrypter
    SanDisk 4 gb USB drive.

    I followed the instructions like it said. I used Dvd Decrypter to create an iso on the computer for Agent under fire. Then, in Apache i edited driving.elf and i put lauch.elf like mentioned. i burned using ImgBurn. Then i loaded the original game into the ps2, and swapped discs with the modded version easily. Then when i went to the driving level of the game, the screen just stays as loading.

    Now heres what i need help with. When i downloaded Ulaunch V 4.21 from SKS Apps, it came as a the Noobie package. In there, there alot of files. which files do i replace driving.elf with? and what do i use my usb for? what does free mcboot do? I know the procedure, but what do i replace driving.elf with? and why wont the driving level work?

    Thx in advance.