Help! My R4i-3DS isn't working!

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    Hello, guys.
    I have my DSi, updated to 1.4.4E. So, my R4i-3DS card isn't working on it. When I downloaded the software from the official site, extracted it to my card and inserted it, there appeared "AN ERROR HAS OCCURED". How to get over this problem? HELP!
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    ...and now you know what happens when you break the flashcart user's golden rule:

    Always update the flashcart's bootloader before installing the latest DSi, (or 3DS) system menu.

    Your DSi's system menu has been updated to block the currently installed bootloader on your R4i, which is why you're seeing that error. The only way to fix the error, is to update the bootloader with a console that doesn't block your flashcart on bootup.

    You'll have to use a DS phat/Lite (or an un-updated DSi or 3DS) to update the bootloader on your flashcart to the latest version.
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    Dec 14, 2012
    I have the same issue - but updated it using a DSlite. But now th card isn't recognised by either machine :-(

    I've tried downgrading to an earlier firmware too - and even though I managed to get "succes" message it still isn't recognised!

    Is it goosed?