Hardware [Help] Gaining Stable FPS and Audio input with NitroMac/SnickerStream


Mar 4, 2019
Hi all,

I have a 2DS XL running Luma CFW and NTR. I am running on the semi-most recent firmware and Luma 10 (haven't had opportunity yet to fully update everything). I am looking for a way to stream with stable FPS and audio input on either a mac, or a windows running through Bootcamp so that I don't have to resort to Citra. I have been searching for a while, but it is really hard to find something that is recent and digestable. I did found a guide from a fellow GBA-temper from 2016 in which he used a USB wireless adapter, but I found it really hard to follow and the majority of the things in the guide seem outdated (?)

Without using anything, according to Snickerstream on Windows, I am reaching 40 fps (but the video is extremely choppy and nothing else is connected to the network. I am not even a meter away from the router). Nitromac is way worse and cannot get higher than 15 fps. I am working on a 27" imac from 2017 with a built in microphone and only seems to have a audio out. I do not know how to find out whether or not it shares inputs and outputs and how I could create a new seperate input. I hope there is a possibility to do so without buying a external sound card.

I am looking for a way to either re-create Dennis G's 2016 video by using a wireless USB adapter through a 2020 updated edition or some sorts on either windows/mac and gain a more stable and decent fps, and a way to succesfully record audio/creating a audio input to my mac as well. Either OS is fine for me as I switch between them on a daily basis. I hope someone can help me out!
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