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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by austintb423, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    I don't know anything about hacking, because I recieved this console with HD from someone else. But i'm wondering if there is an easy way to fix the problem i'm having. Sometimes it's the opening scenes and they are really glitchy/laggy other times I get about 20 mins max of gameplay and the music might stop playing on the game, and then... it's frozen. Can't pull up the menu or nothing. Have to pull the power cord on the Wii and start all over. I have played around with the video setting on the game load menu, as the previous owner told me to put it on FORCE NTSC... but it still freezes. He said he has not had a problem with it ever. And didn't understand my complication. Any advice? It seems as though i have tried all of the options- Force PAL50/60, Autopatch, Game Default, etc. Still a little gameplay and then bam like clockwork... frozen. And there is plenty of space left on the harddrive- and it is still running (and running at regular temp).

    Any advice for someone who doesn't know alot about this issue? And he had zero problems with the hd when he had tested it (it's a brand new clone of his)

    Thanks so much, desperately need your help.

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    It sounds like your drive has a sleep timer on it (is it one of the new western digitals?). I know for the new WDs, u have to install their software (contained on the HDD's virtual cd) then use it to turn the sleep timer off. The process for other drives is probably similar.

    Your friend probably tested your drive, but didn't play for long enough for the sleep timer to reach zero and your HDD go to sleep.