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Jul 20, 2006
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Hey all,

I am a Wii U noob, but not one for this scene and specifically this site. I have been coming here for years, and always now this place is a great resource. Just just want to thank you guys.

Having said that, I am now an old man, playing video games with my son. He wanted a couple of Wii U games, and seeing as the switch came out and I was able to get a good deal on the Wii U, I went for it. Now I want to hack it. I have been reading up and it looks straight forward enough to hack it. Pretty much install Hackchi, then have fun, however I want to get into some other detailed questions that I am hoping people can help with.

1- On my Wii, I have all my games installed on the launch screen (forget what that is called). Basically I can just launch them from the launch screen and play. Can I do the same on the Wii U? If so, can some one point me in the right direction on how to do that?

2- My USB hard drive for the Wii is formatted for the Wii and such. Can I just install vWii and use the hard drive I had used with my Wii, or will I need to reformat it and such to use with Wii u?

3- One of the things that attracted me to the Wii U is the fact that you can play directly off the screen on the game controller and don't need a TV. Since my son, wife get the TV pretty frequently, I like being able to just use that screen. With that in mind, can I just play Wii games on the screen with out the Wii controllers? I saw that the eShop games work, but is there any way to use the Wii games I already have? There is a lot of classic Nintendo Wii games I never finished that I would love to go back to finish. Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2 and all the Zelda games are a good start.

4- Is there any other things I should be aware of or look out for?

5- any recommendations on a good use drive I should order? Same for SDHC.

Thanks again.
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1) Yes. In fact, you can dump your own discs and install them onto your console. If you mean dumping and playing Wii games, you can use a forwarder to a backup launcher (such as USB Loader GX), which I think is how it works on the original Wii as well.

2) If you USB hard drive works on a Wii, it will work in vWii. However, you cannot store Wii U games and save data on it, for that you will either have to reformat it (which means you can't use it for Wii stuff) or you will have to get a second hard drive and use that for Wii U Games.

3) You can play Wii game discs without the TV, but you still need Wii controllers.

4) It always helps to do the research before you try doing something.

5) I'm not a hardware expert, I simply use a 16GB Raspberry Pi SD Card and a 16GB flash drive on my console (storing my Wii games on an Seagate Hard Drive).

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