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Feb 7, 2016
Hey guys,

trying to repair a n3ds and I'm stumped at a problem.

Before I tried to fix it the 3ds wasn't turning on unless it was plugged in, it wouldn't charge for more than a few second before the orange light would turn off.

I noticed a tiny tiny piece (resistor maybe?) was missing. I took a similar piece from another 3ds motherboard and I did my very best to solder it again, kind of a shit job but it seems to work. I tested with a multimeter to make sure there was no short and after putting it all together, the 3ds could turn on normally, hallelujah.

I left it to charge for a few hours while powered off and when I came back it reverted to the initial problem, doesn't turn on unless plugged in, but this time the orange light stays on (so charging works?)

My guess is that the piece I took didn't have the right "value" but I'm unsure how to find it, or even if it is a resistor to begin with.

For some visual aid here's a picture of a board off the internet (so it doesn't show my shit soldering job)

I took the piece in the green square from another board and moved it to the board I'm trying to repair in the red square.

How can I find, what this piece is and its correct value?

thank you for your time.

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