1. djpleasure

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    Dec 9, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Hi, bit of a newbie here so be gentle please. Have searched answers but nothing that helps so far
    Purchased a wii u 32gb, came with CBH installed and running with several games.
    It was not until I went to transfer games that realise an issue.
    If I press home whilst booting to enter menu, most options either do nothing....HB shows snowflakes, others show error -3 on black screen
    If I let CBH boot, hb launcher just animated snow effect on blue screen, wup installer GX states no installable content, even when i have the content in install\gamefolder

    Noticed noise when removing sd card, scraping, looked and can see raised pins in reader, tried putting something thin inbetween reader and top of reader to press card down, did not help.
    Looked into new sd slot, but would be well hard as surface mounted and tiny joints to solder de-solder.

    If I go to data management it shows internal memory and the 500gb hard drive

    without having to buy a new base unit, is there a way I can get the games over from pc to the ext hdd? I have tried adding to sd card, reformatted card etc. USB Helper launcher states no wii u found, launch wii u usb helper transfer tool, I have allowed the port on firewall and disabled firewall. There is no access to transfer tool on the wii u handheld, hbl does nothing. all the correct files are on the SD, but not relevant due to reader issues

    Any help greatly appreciated, in laymans terms please as not the greatest tech mind, thanks in advance
  2. BaamAlex

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    Jul 23, 2018
    Nope. You can install wii u games with the wupinstaller only via sd card slot. An other way i don't know.
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  3. The Real Jdbye

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Yes, if you use the Mocha CFW FAT32 beta, it causes a FAT32 HDD to be recognized as a SD card, so it can be used in any homebrew. But it will also be used as the Wii U drive, and you can't install games directly to it because the FAT32 support was not completed.
    And you can't plug in a second drive to install to either as when the Wii U sees 2 drives connected, it sends you to data management and you can move data between them, but you can't do anything else.

    However... I guess you can use the FAT32 drive to install to NAND, switch off the Wii U, switch to the other (Wii U formatted) drive and boot normal FW or Haxchi CFW, and move the game(s) from NAND to the Wii U formatted drive. It's a bit of a hassle, as the internal memory is small, so you can only install something like 25GB of games at once to NAND then they have to be moved, and it will take a while to install a large amount of games, but it should work.

    Any time you want to run homebrew, you will need to use the Mocha FAT32 beta, but hopefully that should not be too often, as Haxchi CFW can boot without a SD, so all your games/updates/DLC should work without one once they are installed.
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